haley watt

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Babylon, where I still live when I'm not at school at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island where I major in Marketing and minor in Graphic Design & Web Development. I had the amazing opportunity of growing up on the beaches of Long Island. Growing up on LI has been one of the most impactful parts of my life. After spending summers on the beach, collecting clam shells, and staying till the sun went down, I wanted a way to show my fond appreciation for all beachy things. I began painting clam shells, and one thing led to another. When I was 16 I created Haley by the Sea.


I worked hard to create a website that encouraged the combination of creativity and flexibility, which is still my goal 3 years later. I want everyone to feel inspired to think out of the box, and put me up to the challenge of creating your wildest visions. Although I do have some set products on here, I am never afraid to try something new. In the past I've painted drums, outdoor showers, and other odd jobs. Why limit creativity just because we're not sure how it will turn out? Hopefully you will trust me to make you a beautiful project that will capture your inner imagination. Head to the contact page to reach me and start creating your personal masterpiece! Thanks for visiting, tell your friends, and live as free as the sea! 

Long Island, NY

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